Moritz is a director, filmmaker, and visual effects artist from Bielefeld, Germany.  He is known for an epic film style that holds an audience captive with powerful, action-oriented visuals in commercials, trailers, music videos, and short films.

He has had the “Hollywood bug” since his childhood and took on a course of study in Media Design at University.  Upon graduation in 2008, he worked as a cameraman, a visual effects artist, and a director.

In 2016, Moritz became a full-time director.  He has created a steady stream of well-received projects including the short film Transformation, which was nominated in the ACTION category of the 2017 Camgaroo Awards, and Voice Banking, which won the Gold Award at the 2018 World Media Festival.  Ambitious and driven, he is eager to take on bigger projects and more opportunities.

Moritz will be traveling to Los Angeles, California in the Summer of 2018 to participate in the UCLA Summer Sessions in Film and Television Production.